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| Let U Go Video Explanation

Let U Go Video Explanation

I wanted to approach this video a little different. 

I’m a very emotional person and I wanted to convey every bit of that emotion in myself and the situation as I could. 

I wanted to show how when things get pushed to a point, we feel like we no other choice. Like our backs are against the wall. 

That’s how I felt. Wether it was me who had put myself in the situation or not. 

One of the only thing I remember feeling was that feeling of “If I can’t have you, I don’t want anyone to”. You can’t lie to yourself and say you’ve never

felt this for someone or something. 

You cant say you’ve never wanted to sabotage someone for you to feel closure on a situation. Its usually a juvenile thought, but that doesn’t mean peoples passion doesn’t make them act on it.

I wanted to take the phrase, that one strong feeling and make an almost literal interpretation through this Short Film Expereience. 

I feel like this is one of the most emotional videos I’ve ever made. Wether you feel anger or sadness or happiness or

confusion, it makes you feel something. It makes you feel it very

strongly. That was my goal to make this video as emotional as the song

was to me. As emotional as the situation is. 

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