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The One Explanation

“Crossin a line that don’t exist”

This video is about the boundaries we make. We’re afraid of change. We’re afraid of anything different. Perception of how thingsnshould be, becomes our reality. 

Someone once told me we see other people for their actions, and ourselves as a projection of who we wanna be. Rather than face things as a whole, we base them around ourselves. Not sayin’ this is right or wrong its just what we do.

Everyone is beautiful. We’re all afraid of things we don’t understand. So we put up a wall; a defense mechanism. We tear down things we don’t understand, as if they’re wrong. Right and wrong is relative. To each their own.

This song is about wanting to find someone or something that could be the answer to all your problems, but questioning it; because deep down inside you know the only one that can solve the problems you have is yourself. When it comes down to it, you make the problems you have. Something is only a problem, if you decide to make it one. So you try to convince yourself that this person will be the answer, when you know deep down no one person is the answer.

You feel this spark. This drug sinks in and tells you “You’re perfect right here.”, but you slowly start to realize; anywhere you are…you’re still with yourself. You can’t get away from your problems, because you make your problems.

Bottom line: Things are only what you make them.

JMSN - The One

A Journal of Some Sort.

I grew up departed.

I don’t think that there is anything wrong with the way anybody grew up. It’s just how you grew up.

But, who cares what I think.

I think about calling my sister or brother or mother and I get scared. These are the people who I lived with for so long…Why am I scared?

We never really shared our feelings with each other, cause’ that was a sign of weakness.

The conditions we grew up in no one wanted to be the weak link.

There’s experience and then there’s observation.

People talk and talk and talk, but usually if you’re talkin… you’re trying to convince yourself.

If you tell someone you did this,this and this…you’re looking for affirmation…

because if you really and truly “Experienced it.” You wouldnt talk about it. You would learn from it. 

I don’t know shit, but I like to immerse myself in it.