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Dimitris Tamvakos

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Petros Koublis

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Thing U Miss Video Explanation

The reality of it is, there’s something more than just the surface.

Our minds and perception makes things real. 

Things are only weird or evil or inappropriate if you’re making it that.

There is nothing wrong with this girl. She is beautiful and should stop hiding behind her fear of what people think of her and her body and her face and whatever else they don’t like because they’re ignorant.

The woman knows this and wants to show her how beautiful and free she truly is. By cutting away all that is holding her back, the woman helps the girl realize this.

"You know every little thing depends on trust.

Each beginning is the start of the end for us.”

At the end the girl has shed away all that fear. Now she is left alone to trust herself and who she is.


JMSN - Thing U Miss

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